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Top 5 Games on my gamerDNA

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AllYourBase said...
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To me influencial games transport you to another time and space. If you feel like you are the character you are playing then its worthy of mentioning.
1- Ico, The emotions in the game as well as the gameplay are perfect.
2-LittleBigPlanet, Family Fun which is much needed right now.
3-Call of Duty, Best FPS experience ever.
4-Zelda Ocarina of Time, one of the best adventure games ever designed.
5-MLB the show 09, Best sports Simulator to date
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Ico. Was. Fabulous.

Oh man I wish I could have played that game more than I did. At the time, my brother had it and I wasn't living with him, so I only got to play it on some weekends. It's one of my favourite games EVER.
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